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Welcome to The Handmade Business School 🤗


I am so happy to welcome you to a dedicated Membership for Handmade Business Owners.


An ever growing, ever expanding monthly Membership to provide you with all of the training and resources that you need to help you manage and grow your handmade business.


What's included?


1. Training Portal full of bite sized videos

2. Bi-Weekly Q&A's and Group Coaching

3. Monthly Challenges to keep you on your toes and your business constantly growing

4. Creative Asset Vault full of branded images and graphics

5. Resources and Books to bury your head into

6. A brilliant, warm, supportive Community to cheer you on every step of the way

7. Handmade Hotline to support you with your business questions

8. 3 Step Learning Path to help you Plan, Build and Grow your business

9. A wonderful Community of like-minded Handmade Business Owners


The perfect place to:


1. Receive Support when you have a question or feel stuck

2. Pick up bite-sized training to help you generate more sales

3. Learn how to manage your time with your growing business with your busy life

4. Build a Business you love


No matter the stage of your handmade business, the Handmade Association Business School will be here to help and support you as you Plan, Build and Grow your business


Your payment:

1. Your first payment will be taken as soon as you complete this order, to lock in the offer price

2. Your next payment will be taken every 6 months

3. All subscriptions can be managed via your account

4. If you have an active monthly subscription in place this will be cancelled and replaced with your new subscription.


I really hope you will jump in and join in  and become one of our founding members. I couldn't be more excited to welcome you to as a Member.❤️

6 Monthly Plan - Join The Handmade Business School - £22 a month

Price Options
Members Club
Your Handmade Business Home
£132.00every month for 6 months

    Jump in and Join in

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