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Let's talk Platforms ...

Lets talk Platforms and how to choose which is right for you - Its a bit hit and miss isn't it?

Does the conversation in your head go a little like this..

" I'll create an Instagram account, Betty told me its the best platform to be on. Then again facebook has a billion users, I had best be there too, ohh and there is Pinterest and Twitter, right I'll get on there too, but the other day I heard all about tik tok " ..

Que total "ahhhh" and then procrastination and 5 platforms which have all been created with a profile picture on there and no content 😀

Oh yep! I know the drill lol! and here's why..We are SO lucky to live in a time where we have so many choices. Every community tool we have available to us, no matter if that is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.. have been created to help you get your message out there.

My advice to anybody I chat to about this is:

1. Choose 1-2 platforms as a first step and do them well. There is no need to be something to everybody.

2. Choose the platform that suits you. Do you like building direct relationships and writing posts, FB might be the right platform for you

Do you prefer images and can happily create them, then Instagram might be right for you.It is SO important to choose the platform that suits you and your business, your customers will find you through your messaging, the products and services you offer and the content you create - but you have to enjoy creating the content, which means finding what is right for you 😀

I would love to know, which platforms are you on and why?


About Effie:

Effie Moss is a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur, Founder of the Handmade Association, a Small Business Cheerleader and a Marketing and Community Strategist. Having grown communities with a conversational reach of 7 million a week, across many different industries, she spends her day helping people realise their business potential.

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