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A huge welcome to The Handmade Association😊

Hello, I am so happy to see you here.  

I created The Handmade Association for small business owners just like you, to help you plan, build and grow an amazingly successful business, whilst having fun along the way.  

After 20 years of growing global product businesses and helping thousands of business owners around the world, I have discovered that creating a successful business isn't reserved for the special few. It's for anybody who has a passion to share what they love with the world - Just like you.

I am here to show you how you can build a brilliantly successful business with a tonne of resources to help you take the very next step and progress your idea or business and if you like what you learn, we have a Business School too 😊

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What others say:


I've never been a part of something so flexible, so informative, helpful and fun 

It's changed the whole way I think and post on social media and has taught me that I am not too old to learn new things 

Most people need things like coffee or chocolate in their lives......I need an Effie, and I've got one! 

Thanks for everything you do for me/us Effie, long may it continue xxx


I have learnt so much and feel so much more confident about moving forward. The support is wonderful and Effie is always happy to help and give advice which is wonderful. It’s such a lovely community to be part of.


It's a lovely community which to me is invaluable as it can be lonely working on your own. Particularly like the live Q and A sessions. If anyone is unsure I'd say go for it and give it a try 

An amazing community of Handmade Business Owners to cheer you on every step of the way

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Our Startup Business Masterclass to help you build a business which works for you


Over 40 Masterclasses created with 20 years of small business experience, with step by step guidance to help you achieve the success in your business you deserve


And so much more .. Live Q&A Session, Business Spotlights, HotSeat Sessions, Daily Handmade Hotline, Website and Social Media Reviews, Monthly Masterclasses and Workshops. Everything you need to help you plan, build and grow your incredbile business

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Hello, it's so lovely to e-meet you 😊

I am so excited to welcome you to the Handmade Association. My name is Effie and I have been a Handmade Business Owner for over 20 years. (Which makes me feel really old 🤭)


Throughout those 20 years I have lived my best creative life, from authoring 2 books, making handmade cards on my dining room table, to building a global handmade business.


I have stocked shops nationwide with my products, appeared on QVC and Dragons Den with my makes, to creating my very own Marketing + Coaching Agency.

Along the way I have built communities I love, reaching millions and millions of people a week. I have met so many incredible people along the way, friends and colleagues who have been my biggest cheerleaders, whilst falling in love with the amazing feeling you get every time a customer purchases something you have made.

Handmade is an incredibly special industry. A little piece of our soul travels out into the world every time we sell one of our makes. I wanted to create an association where you, as a Handmade Business Owner can lean on us for support as you move forward and reach for your dreams and where you will always know, that no matter where you are on your journey, you can absolutely do, be and have anything you want to.

I wish I had had the Handmade Association when I started my journey all those years ago 😚


I hope you will jump in and join in, as we continue to build a Handmade Association we are all proud of.


Much Love

Effie  ❤️

What others say:


"I'm at the start of my journey and the masterclasses and challenges have been fantastic learning experiences for me, packed full of so much information. Effie  even made me a video explaining something I needed support with which was so helpful."


I started following Handmade Association after seeing a motivational quote and to my surprise it was only the cherry on top. I have learnt so much from your videos than I ever thought possible. You have given me the courage to follow my dreams. I am just getting started with cross stitch portraits. There are just not enough words to tell you how thankful and blessed I am for having met you. You are an amazing. Thank you


I joined at the start when Effie advertised her first 5 day challenge. So glad I decided to join up. I have increased followers - the right kind for my community. I love the wealth of information she has and her approach is very refreshing. I'm so grateful for her offer to check-out my instagram content and offer constructive criticism, its really opened my eyes to how I need to fine tune my content. Absolutely love her and the space she has created for us