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Sue's Story

Founder: Aromaprose
"What started as a 'let's try it and see' has transformed to 'I can do this and I have a genuine business' 

ounded: January 2021
Hi I’m Sue the founder of Aromaprose which started at the beginning of 2021 although I’ve had the idea and the name for many years.

I have been a Beauty Therapist and Aromatherapist for over 40 years. My interest and passion for Aromatherapy has led me to launch my own little business doing what I love, which is making handmade essential oil products and gifts from nature.

Over the years I’ve also developed a passion for anything mystical and magical so my product range is evolving all the time whilst maintaining the ethos of nature, spirit, angels and a little bit of magic thrown in for good measure.


Founder: Enchanted Salts
"We have such a supportive community, even though we have never met, we look out for each other"

Founded: October 2020

Enchanted Salts came about following my spiritual journey. Healing myself and others, overcoming PMDD and depression. Using my knowledge and passion as a qualified Reiki Master Teacher, Aromatherapist and Tarot Reader has allowed me to create ethically-sourced handmade bath salts, body scrubs, massage/shower oils and nasal inhalers. I charge all products with the healing benefits of Reiki to help heal the mind, body and soul, focusing on self-love, self-care and all levels of healing. 


Elina's Story

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Rachelle's Story

Founder: TIlly's Floral Wreaths
"I may not always have the time during the day to watch the lives’ but what great is that they are on the portal for you to catch up on at your leisure.  Whenever I’m wreathing, I always pop on a video from the portal as there is so much to learn"

Hi, I’m Rachelle creator and maker behind Tilly’s Floral Wreaths. 

 Founded: March 2021
I have always loved being creative, during Christmas 2020 a lady from my daughter’s playgroup asked me to make a Christmas wreath for her. I then started to make wreaths for family and friends and dipped my toe into selling these locally to our village community and to my amazement I sold 15 Christmas wreaths and garlands.
So, this year I decided to start my own floral wreath making business, turning my passion into something more which has led me onto to creating floral hair accessories and also running floral workshops too and selling over 100 of my wreaths online.


Founder: Liz Corley Art
"Having a community that supports you as well as the wealth of experience from Effie on tap really gives you to confidence and drive to keep going."

Founded: January 2020

I founded Liz Corley Art at the start of 2020. I am an art teacher living and working in West Oxfordshire. 
Having moved from London, I was inspired by the beautiful Cotswolds countryside and my artwork reflects this. I then ventured into homeware products and accessories and have recently moved into creating British Countryside inspired artwork on reclaimed wood, which can be hung outside or indoors. I am so proud to have been a finalist in the Blenheim Palace start up Competition 2021 and even more excited about my new exciting products coming soon and the fact that my products are now appearing in local retail shops.


Liz's Story


Sam's Story

Founder: Dotty Do-Dah
"The members portal is crammed full of tips, training and resources and I would recommend it to anyone. I'm so happy to be part of this lovely community."

 Founded: January 2021
I'm Samantha, small business owner of Dotty Do-Da. As someone who loves to give anything a try I made a few gifts for family and friends. The feedback was so positive that I decided to take the next step of setting up a business.
I have learnt a huge amount this year about running a small business but also about me as a person. I have learnt that nothing is a failure just a chance to try again, maybe with a tweak or two!! My proudest achievement this year is actually becoming a small business owner. To actually say I'm a business woman still gives me a buzz.
On my journey I have been surprised the most by the amount of support and encouragement I have received from my fellow creatives. I have  forged some fantastic bonds with some really beautiful and inspiring women. It's such a warm community and I am truly grateful to be part of it. My dream is for my business to grow so I can continue doing what I absolutely love. To make gifts for people that makes them smile is priceless.


Founder: Jackary  Me

The members club has helped me massively, both personally with my confidence and business-wise, as to be honest, I was a bit in the dark about how to go about running a handmade business."

Founded: November 2020

My name is Kelly. I've always loved making things. My favourite things to make are quirky cards and gifts to make people smile.

I have learned so much this year, including how to improve my Instagram page, which has really helped me change my content which has in turn helped my reach. I’m really proud that I took the plunge and that I am still going, even when things aren’t easy. The dream is that I can build something successful that I can be proud of, and that my family will be proud of me for. I would love for it to become my day job. It has surprised me that I thought I knew the direction I wanted Jackary & Me to go in, but it turns out I didn’t - and I prefer the alternative direction!


Kelly's Story

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Louise's Story

Founder: Louise Meny Art
"The members club has helped me so much. It is amazing being part of this community, it makes such a difference to have people supporting you and cheering you on. I have gained so much confidence .. "

 Founded: January 2019
I am Louise from Louise Meny Art and I have had my business in it’s current form since 2019.  I was inspired to create my business after seeing the interest from my friends and family when I produced my artwork. I decided to expand my selection of cards and set up an Etsy shop.  I love producing my art and it makes me very happy to share that joy with others.
This year I have used my artwork to design and launch a selection of new products which is something I have wanted to do for a while and is a big achievement for me.  I am so proud of the products that I have created. The thing that has surprised me the most about my journey is what I have managed to achieve and the confidence and belief in myself that I have gained. My dream is for my business to grow and for my products to be available in a selection of places. I’d also like to continue to expand my product range.


Founder: Forever  Blooms

Joining " The Handmade Association " and the " Members Club " was the turning point in my business. Whether you're just starting your wonderful business OR an established pro you'll find the help and advice to take you to the next level and beyond"

Founded: February 2021

My business was inspired following the passing of my darling mum JEAN. I waned to create something everlasting to cement the memories of a loved one.  I have learnt so much from my business this year, especially that You only get out as much as you put in. 
I am really proud to have diversified into a brand new product range to expand my business profile this year. I am excited about the what the future holds and want to build my business to provide enough income to support the family & be a known and trusted brand.


Amanda's Story


Ellie's Story

Founder: Pretty Happy Designs
"The members club has helped me so much. The resources that are available to support my business are brilliant - it really helps to have the templates, and to be confident that these are tried and tested tools that cover the key aspects of running a business "

 Founded: January 2021
I am Ellie from Pretty Happy Designs UK. I’ve always been an arty/crafty person. As a teenager I used to press flowers from the garden, and make greetings cards with them. My mum then used to sell them to her colleagues and friends at work. I also used to sew and make my own clothes, including making my own bridesmaid dress for my brother’s wedding. Throughout my life, I have continued to craft and experiment with different mediums. I am happiest when I’m crafting and have often dreamt of making it into a business. My day job is extremely stressful and, after a health scare last year, I reevaluated my life and what was important to me. I decided I wanted to do what made me happy, and so I started planning how to make it happen! 
My greatest learning this year: That I need to show up every day, have confidence in myself, and don’t compare myself and my business to anyone else.


Founder: Knott  A Tree Crafts

The support Effie and the rest of the members give is so precious and so beneficial for us at KTC, but also for any of the small businesses in the group. Having a safe space to ask any questions (as silly as they might seem sometimes) and get help and support is priceless."

Founded: December 2020

Hi, it's Siyana here. Our business was inspired by our friend Annabelle, who really liked the Christmas Ornaments we made, purchased some and suggested we should open a shop!

Also the desire to work from home, doing something we love, while spending time with the kids.

This year I learned how to operate my woodworking power tools and machines, how to sand and finish wooden decor. But I also learned how to create content for my social media and better promote our products. 

I am so proud that we have reached 50 sales, it felt quite good! We’ve passed 70 now, I can’t believe it!


Siyana's Story