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Kelly's Story

"The members club has helped me massively, both personally with my confidence and business-wise, as to be honest, I was a bit in the dark about how to go about running a handmade business."

My name is Kelly. I've always loved making things. My favourite things to make are quirky cards and gifts to make people smile.
I have learned so much this year, including how to improve my Instagram page, which has really helped me change my content which has in turn helped my reach. I’m really proud that I took the plunge and that I am still going, even when things aren’t easy.

The dream is that I can build something successful that I can be proud of, and that my family will be proud of me for. I would love for it to become my day job. It has surprised me that I thought I knew the direction I wanted Jackary & Me to go in, but it turns out I didn’t - and I prefer the alternative direction!
What is The Handmade Business School?

A Monthly (flexible) Membership with absolutely everything you need to help you grow confidently as a business owner and build your amazing business.


50+ bite sized videos, Masterclasses, Challenges  and Workshops


Creative Asset Vault full of 100's of branded images and graphics to use on Social Media


Monthly Q&A's & Group Coaching & Reviews of your Website / Store / Social Media Accounts


Lots of £££ off our incredible product range, including our very popular business planners.


Daily Handmade Chat Hotline to help you with your business questions


A brilliant, warm, supportive Community to cheer you on every step of the way

And so much more ...

Flexible monthly membership, Cancel at anytime.

Let me show you around the New Members Portal! You will love it, we have so much goodness waiting for you.

Flexible monthly membership, Cancel at anytime.

Founder: TIlly's Floral Wreaths
"I may not always have the time during the day to watch the lives’ but what great is that they are on the portal for you to catch up on at your leisure.  Whenever I’m wreathing, I always pop on a video from the portal as there is so much to learn"

Hi, I’m Rachelle creator and maker behind Tilly’s Floral Wreaths. 

 Founded: March 2021
I have always loved being creative, during Christmas 2020 a lady from my daughter’s playgroup asked me to make a Christmas wreath for her. I then started to make wreaths for family and friends and dipped my toe into selling these locally to our village community and to my amazement I sold 15 Christmas wreaths and garlands.
So, this year I decided to start my own floral wreath making business, turning my passion into something more which has led me onto to creating floral hair accessories and also running floral workshops too and selling over 100 of my wreaths online.

photo of me .jpg

Rachelle's Story

What can I find inside the Handmade Business School ?


Daily Handmade Hotline

Challenges & Live Q&A's

100's of
Social Media Assets

Community outside of Facebook

Get instant access to all of the expert training, tools and resources you need, in one place to help you build your amazingly successful business

Weekly / Daily
Live Sessions 

Flexible monthly membership, Cancel at anytime.

Flexible monthly membership, Cancel at anytime.

What others say:


I've never been a part of something so flexible, so informative, helpful and fun 

It's changed the whole way I think and post on social media and has taught me that I am not too old to learn new things 

Most people need things like coffee or chocolate in their lives......I need an Effie, and I've got one! 

Thanks for everything you do for me/us Effie, long may it continue xxx


I have learnt so much and feel so much more confident about moving forward. The support is wonderful and Effie is always happy to help and give advice which is wonderful. It’s such a lovely community to be part of.


It's a lovely community which to me is invaluable as it can be lonely working on your own. Particularly like the live Q and A sessions. If anyone is unsure I'd say go for it and give it a try 

Flexible monthly membership, Cancel at anytime.

How much will it cost?

Let's keep this really simple & affordable 😊
Monthly Affordable Pricing
Flexible - Pause or Stop your membership to suit you
Billed Automatically from the moment you join
Member Price - Lock in for the duration of your membership

£25 | $32
Per Month

Monthly Membership:

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Next Monthly Payment: Every 30 days

Don't forget training is a tax deductible too! For 83p a day, less than a Costa Coffee you can invest in yourself and build a business you truly love, alongside your very own small business cheerleaders.

Flexible monthly membership, Cancel at anytime.

I started following Handmade Association after seeing a motivational quote and to my surprise it was only the cherry on top. I have learnt so much from your videos than I ever thought possible. You have given me the courage to follow my dreams. I am just getting started with cross stitch portraits. There are just not enough words to tell you how thankful and blessed I am for having met you. You are an amazing. Thank you


"I'm at the start of my journey and the masterclasses and challenges have been fantastic learning experiences for me, packed full of so much information. Effie  even made me a video explaining something I needed support with which was so helpful."

I started following Handmade Association after seeing a motivational quote and to my surprise it was only the cherry on top. I have learnt so much from your videos than I ever thought possible. You have given me the courage to follow my dreams. I am just getting started with cross stitch portraits. There are just not enough words to tell you how thankful and blessed I am for having met you. You are an amazing. Thank you

I joined at the start when Effie advertised her first 5 day challenge. So glad I decided to join up. I have increased followers - the right kind for my community. I love the wealth of information she has and her approach is very refreshing. I'm so grateful for her offer to check-out my instagram content and offer constructive criticism, its really opened my eyes to how I need to fine tune my content. Absolutely love her and the space she has created for us  



Flexible monthly membership, Cancel at anytime.

What others say:

Frequently asked questions


Who is the Members Club for?

The Members Club has been created to support all Handmade Business Owners, no matter what stage the stage of your business. All training material and resources have been carefully curated to provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to grow and manage your Handmade Business.

I am a beginner, is the Members Club right for me?

I am so pleased that you asked 😊 The Members Club has been created to support you as you embark on your Handmade Business Journey. If you are just starting out, we can provide you with plenty of bite-sized video training and a wonderful warm community of support.

Can I cancel my Membership?

I completely understand that life can sometimes get in the way 😊 If you would like to pause your membership please access your account by logging in through the handmadeassociation.com website and cancelling your account. If you need any support, please use the chat feature on the website to reach out and contact me.

I made a mistake! Can I please have a refund?

Don't worry! It happens to me too sometimes 😊If you haven't logged into your account, please contact me via the chat option available on the website. Once your access details have been received, we will be unable to issue a refund. However you can pause or cancel your membership by using the cancel option inside of your account.

What format will the training be available in?

The trainings will take the form of a video, which will be posted to your Membership area. We also have pdf downloads available to support our videos too, aswell as our brilliant community of like-minded handmade business owners 😊

Can I see Sample Content?

The content we create for our Membership Club is exclusive to our Training Portal. However if you pop by our Facebook Group and select "5 Day Challenge" or "masterclass" from the topics at the top of the group, you will be able to access the videos and supporting videos available in the group. It is so important that you find the right person to support you and your business. I would really encourage you to jump in and join in to see we are a fit for each other 😊

I'm not a fan of Facebook, do I really need to join the Facebook Group?

So, Yes and No 😊 The Training Portal can be accessed via your login through our website. The Facebook group will be where we host our Membership Community and all of our handmade business owners can come together to support each other. It is a safe, private space where you can ask questions and cheer each other on.

What happens once I have signed up?

Firstly, I am so happy that you have decided to join us 😊
Once payment has been taken and confirmed, you will receive an email from me asking you to create a login for yourself. As soon as this has been created, your account will be assigned to the portal and you are ready to Jump in and Join in 🤗

When can I join the Members Club?

You can join the Membership during the periods where the doors are open. Take advantage of our trial offer by popping yay50 at checkout and getting your first month for £12.50

Frequently Asked Questions

Flexible monthly membership, Cancel at anytime.