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Join our 60 Minute Masterclass

On March 17th we will be hosting our next 60 minute masterclass

"How to write great content" ❤️

If you want to..

Write great content to sell more

Perfect your content writing skills 

Increase your sales and attract repeat customers

This Masterclass is for you 😊

On March 17th at 8pm the Masterclass will be hosted live in the Handmade Association Facebook Group. 

Don't worry if you miss it, we will be recording it too 😊

Let's take a closer look at what we will be doing in our next Masterclass

Day 1:

Why do you need a brand and how does it support Sales?

Together we will dive into all things branding and marketing and how it underpins sales

Day 2

Let's create your dream brand 😎

A Health check and a good foundation will set you up for success. Let's take a closer look to your business 😊

Day 3

Brand Love Language and how you use it to attract more customers 😊

On Day 3 we dive straight into your brand love language and look across your business to help you attract the most amazing customers

Day 4 + 5

This is a biggie!

On Days 4 + 5 we will look at the tools which can help you to create a strong brand presence and how to look after your brand as you grow

Day 4 + 5 gets to the bottom of the tools and techniques to use to help you grown an epic brand that you and your customers love ❤️

Are you ready to join me on March 1st?

Sign up using the button below

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5 hours packed full of training to help you build an epic brand that you love ❤️

5 daily challenges to help you apply everything you have learnt to your business

Increase the sales within your business

A wonderful supportive community of likeminded Handmade Business Owners

I am so excited to be running this challenge to help as many handmade business owners get their makes out into the world.
Lets get our 5 Day Challenge Game Face on 😊
Let's get to know you!

Think of the Handmade Association as your very own small business cheerleader.

Lets take a closer look at the areas you would most like support with.

Your feedback will help us to create really useful resources and training to support you with  managing and growing your business 🤗

Take a moment and click on any of the choices below.

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Jump in and Join in

Every Month we will be hosting live events across Facebook, Instagram and Clubhouse.

Click through the calendar below to see our planned challenges, masterclasses and events 😊

Don't forget to tell a Handmade Business Bestie or Two

It's a great opportunity to join in, connect and grow your business knowledge.

To be Jump in and Join in, please hit the button below.
Handmade stories to inspire - Podcast!
Podcast Coming Coon.jpg

Stories have a wonderful way of connecting people!

Launching on March 8th 2021

12 brilliant episodes where we share what Inspires people to start their business.

No matter if you just started, turned a hobby into a venture or wanted to fill a little "spare" time

We would LOVE to hear from you.

You never know who may be listening, dreaming, dappling, wanting to find the courage to follow their dreams. Your story may just inspire them.

And don't worry nobody will be able to see you, just hear you 😊

The Handmade Association Membership Club

We are busy working behind the scenes to build our brand new Membership Club for our brilliant community of Handmade Business Owners.

An ever growing, ever expanding monthly Membership Club to provide you with all of the training and resources that you need to help you manage and grow your handmade business.

Lets take a closer look to what will be included..

Goin Group Icon.jpg

Training Portal full of bite sized videos

Products and Services.jpg

Creative Asset Vault full of branded images and graphics

Members Access CardHA.jpg

Monthly Q&A's and Group Coaching


Resources and Books to bury your head into

Brand and Customer Experience.jpg

Monthly Challenges to keep you on your toes and your business constantly growing

Building a Community.jpg

A brilliant, warm, supportive Community to cheer you on every step of the way