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A huge welcome to the Handmade Association

Jump in and Join In ...


A central place to call your Handmade Business Home

Resources to support you with managing and growing your handmade business

A place where you can make friendships and lean on your very own small business cheerleaders

A Community which is a safe environment where you can ask questions and learn something new

Daily Business Owner reminders at how AMAZING YOU are!!

Our Mantra:

Handmade business owners are passionate

We are strong and focussed. We love our craft and use our creativity to create our dreams. We are always in control of our journey.

Handmade business owners are creative

We are multi-passionate entrepreneurs. We use our craft to bring happiness and joy to both ourselves and to our brilliant customers.

Handmade business owners are authentic

We use our imagination to fuel our craft. We build our businesses authentically and always with respect for our fellow small business owners.

Handmade business owners market with heart

We show up everyday in our community as our amazing selves, spreading kindness, joy and love through our work.

Handmade business owners are determined

A handmade business owner builds their business one brick at a time, one product at a time. We are focused and persistent and push through our fears. We learn and march forwards to achieve our goals.

Handmade business owners are Innovative

We are agents of change, helping to shape the next generation. We constantly embrace the changes around us, pushing forward everyday to ensure that we are both heard and seen.

A little about me ...

IMG_5728 2.JPG


I am so excited to welcome you to the Handmade Association. My name is Effie and I have been a Handmade Business Owner for over 20 years. (Which makes me feel really old 🤭) Throughout those 20 years I have done everything from making handmade cards on my dining room table, to building a global handmade business, appearing on QVC and Dragons Den with my makes, to creating my very own Marketing + Coaching Agency.


Along the way I have built communities I love, reaching millions and millions of people a week. I have met so many incredible people along the way, friends and colleagues who have been my biggest cheerleaders, whilst falling in love with the amazing feeling you get every time a customer purchases something you have made.

Handmade is an incredibly special industry. As handmade business owners we are also the makers, a little piece of our soul travels out into the world every time we sell one our makes. I wanted to create an association where you, as a Handmade Business Owner feels at home, where you can lean on us for support as you move forward and reach for your dreams and where you will always know, that no matter where you are on your journey, you can absolutely do, be and have anything you want to.

I wish I had had the Handmade Association when I started my journey all those years ago 😚
I hope you will jump in and join in. I wish you so much success on your very unique Journey.

Much Love
Effie  ❤️

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